Charles Allen Winter, Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Oakes, 1928, 60″ x 36″ O/C
State of the Art Gallery-Downtown Gloucester Location
Paul Strisik, N. A.

Paul Strisik

Mark Shasha

Mark Shasha

Emile Gruppe

Emile Gruppe ***Winning Raffle Ticket to be drawn on June 6, Gloucester House Restaurant***

Winter's Mantle 25" x 30" O/C, 2005

David Hatfield NEW 11/18

Theodore Kautsky

Theodore Kautsky SOLD


Portrait of Miss Elizabeth Oakes, 1928, 60" x 36" O/C

Stanley Woodward

Stanley Woodward new paintings – One SOLD

Morgan's Yard 16" x 24" O/C

Paul Strisik Morgan’s Yard 16″ x 24″ O/C NEW 11/18 SOLD

Jeff Weaver NEW 11/18

William Lester Stevens, Stream in Winter, 25" x 35", O/C, 1945

William Lester Stevens, N. A.

John Terelak

Spring Clouds, 20" x 24", O/C

Katherine “Kim” Thayer

The Puritan

Peter Wademan new painting

The Iron Kettle and a Tangarine, 24" x 14", O/C

Robert Douglas Hunter

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