Gruppe Painting Raffle will Benefit the Restoration of the Phyllis A

The Phyllis A Marine A Association is excited to announce that, through a partnership with the State of the Art Gallery, a very significant Emile Gruppe painting has become available and will be raffled as a benefit fundraiser.
The restoration of this 1925 fishing vessel, built for Albert Arnold, is the oldest former fishing vessel in Gloucester harbor. Arnold’s family migrated from Michigan in 1910 along with other families including the Tysvers, Dahlmers, Shoares and others whom were referred to as the “Michigan Bears” and they used a special method of fishing called gillnetting working out of East Gloucester.
“Shoares Wharf” was located on East Main Street and is now part of a private residence. This painting was completed in the early 1930’s and shows another gillnetter tied to the dock along with a smaller fishing vessel. Measuring 20″x24″, this painting has been recently restored and framed.
Never seen by the public, this painting has had ownership by Emile Gruppe, Walker Fielding and Joseph W Moore with an appraisal value of $14,000.
Only two hundred tickets will be sold, at $200 each, to raise $40,000. Monies raised beyond the appraisal value will go directly to the Phyllis A to support the restoration of this historical vessel.
Purchase tickets at the State-of-the-Art Gallery – 4 Wonson Street on Rocky Neck. Contact Roger @ 978/395-1783 or Phyllis A Marine Association @978/283-9292. Or click the button below.
The painting will be available for viewing at the Phyllis A Marine Association’s annual party on April 6th, at the Gloucester Fraternity Club, Webster Street. (Link to tickets also below.)
A Preview Party and Raffle Drawing will be held on June 6th at the Gloucester House Restaurant.
Otherwise to view the painting, please contact Roger Armstrong for special viewing.Everyone at the Phyllis A would like to thank Roger Armstrong and his Gallery, and Lenny Linquata and the Gloucester House for this exciting and wonderful opportunity.

Shoares Wharf ca. 1930's 20" x 24"

Shoares Wharf ca. 1930’s 20″ x 24″ Painting to be raffled June 6, at the Gloucester House Restaurant

Shoares Wharf ca. 1930's 20" x 24" Never seen by public

Shoares Wharf ca. 1930’s 20″ x 24″ Never seen by public

Fine art painter, Emile Gruppe was born in Rochester, New York, the son of noted artist Charles P. Gruppe and the brother of Karl H. and Virginia H.

Gruppe studied art at the Arts Students League, National Academy of Design, and with John E. Carlson, Richard E. Miller, George Bridgeman, Charles Chapman and abroad.

He was a member of the North Shore Arts Association in Gloucester, Massachusetts from 1929 until his death in 1978. He was also a member of the Rockport Art Association, Allied Artists of America, Salmagundi Club, and the Gloucester Society of Artists.

Emile Gruppé ~ Shoares Wharf (Early 1930’s)
In 1910, a group of families left their native Michigan (near Charlavoix) because of poor fishing conditions, and came to fish in Gloucester. Led by Albert Arnold, they included Shoares, Tysvers, Dalhmers, and Lasleys.
Their method of fishing was gillnetting. The Gill Netters established their fishing in East Gloucester. The Shoares Wharf was located on East Main Street near the pumping station. The wharf is still there, although the building on it is smaller than the one in the painting.
Over the years the Shoares had three boats: the Naomi-Bruce; The Naomi Bruce II and the Naomi-Bruce III. The larger boat in this painting may be one of the Naomi-Bruce’s.

The wharf next door belonged to the Tysvers. In the background is Rocky Neck.
This early original Emile Gruppé oil painting is from the early 1930’s has never been seen by the public. The ownership is simply Emile Gruppé, Walker Fielding and Joseph
W. Moore.