George Bleich. Gloucester Morning Rolling Seas, 24" x 48"

George Bleich. Gloucester Morning Rolling Seas, 24″ x 48″

George Bleich. Gloucester Morning Rolling Seas, 24" x 48"

George Bleich. Gloucester Morning,  Roiling Surf, 24″ x 48″

George Bleich (1936 –

Gloucester Morning, Roiling Surf

George J. Bleich had a studio on the Monterey Peninsula since 1969, living in Pebble Beach. A nationally known impressionist, George felt that a respect for nature is the greatest teacher of art. Many of his paintings are seascapes and landscapes from his travels around the world.  Born in Philadelphia, he went out to sea at the age of fifteen, following in the footsteps of his father, a sea captain in the Merchant Marines, missing in action since 1942 off the coast of Newfoundland. As a professional seaman, George sailed the Atlantic and the Pacific from Canada to the Caribbean. Many of the ports of call that he sailed to as a seaman, he returned to rediscover and paint as an artist. He painted the perimeter of the United States coastline, and England’s Cornwall area, and the mountains of Switzerland and Germany.

He states, “You have to go down to the sea, know it intimately to be able to capture it on canvas. When I go down to the sea, I go to my father. For this reason, I portray the sea as a vital force, powerful, but not angry, to be respected not feared… a mirror of the many moods of the beholder.” Says others, “his seascapes are a powerful vital force…he transforms a subject into a reality, glowing with light and expression… his paintings have their own light (Gloucester Daily Times).”

President Ford accepted a major Bleich painting while in the White House.

This large, beautiful painting of Cape Ann’s backshore was purchased in 1979 at Bleich Gallery East, 77 Rocky Neck Ave, Gloucester, MA 01930. This was marine artist George Bleich’s summer gallery, his winter gallery being in Carmel, California. The painting is nicely framed and has been in the same family for thirty-seven years; now the first time presented for sale.