Kim Thayer, Distant Sail, 16" x 20", O/C

Distant Sail, 16″ x 20″, O/C

Kim Thayer, Spring Clouds, 20" x 24", O/C

Spring Clouds, 20″ x 24″, O/C

Kim Thayer, Distant Sail, 30" x 36", O/B

Distant Sail, 30″ x 36″, O/B

Distant Sail, 30″ x 36″, O/B

Katherine Thayer

Katharine Kimberley Thayer, or Kim, spent her first seven years in rural Pennsylvania on her family’s old mill property. She was educated through high school in New England, and went to college in California. As a child she visited Georgia each spring and spent her summers working on cattle ranches in Wyoming.Thayer’s artistic ability was recognized in the 12th grade with an independent study of art away from school at the acclaimed etching studio, Crown Point Press, in Oakland, California. In this avante garde enclave, she was exposed to works in progress by internationally renowned abstract artists. Spurred by her west coast experience, she moved from her home in New England, to attend the University of California at Berkeley. After graduating she went on to more painting studies at the San Francisco Art Institute.

In 1998 Kim Thayer moved back to New England, and located her painting studio on the north shore of Massachusetts. Cape Ann art, Coastal islands, marshes and farms are some of her favorite places to paint. All of her smaller works are done plein air. Her paintings and studies outside develop into larger works in the studio. She says, “Nothing is more gratifying than the time I spend painting outdoors. With inclement temperatures, bugs and lugging heavy supplies, plein air work can be arduous, but it is always worth the effort. Here on Cape Ann we are blessed with preserved, open areas and the people who work to protect them.”

Ms. Thayer’s paintings are included in the collections of Capital G Corporation, Bermuda and The Brookline Bank Corporation, Boston. She exhibits in several galleries along the Atlantic Coast and her studio is located in Ipswich, Massachusetts.