¬†Peter Wademan, Pinky Sloop, 20″ x 24″, O/C

A pinky is a double-ender, taking its name from the “pinked” or pinched in stern. Schooners traditionally had bulwarks ( the sides above the deck) carried up past the rudder to form a tombstone where the main boom could be stored. A pinky sloop, was used for both fishing and as a carry-away boat to bring herring from weirs to sardine plants in the Eastport area. The Pinky Sloop is also called a Quoddy Boat. The “Ardelle”, built by Harold Burnham of Essex is a “pinky sloop”, currently available for local sightseeing tours in Gloucester, Massachusetts.


Peter Wademan, Pinky Sloop, 20" x 24", O/C

Peter Wademan, Pinky Sloop, 20″ x 24″, O/C