Roger Salisbury, Essex Winter,

Essex Winter, 26″ x 31″, P

Roger Salisbury, Evening Sail, 12" x 16", O/C

Evening Sail, 12″ x 16″, O/C

Roger Salisbury, Night Run Eastern Point, 18" x 25", P

Night Run Eastern Point, 18″ x 25″, P

Roger Salisbury, Twilight at the Ancient, 12" x 16", P

Twilight at the Ancient, 12″ x 16″, P

Roger Salisbury, Morning at Burnhams, 8" x 10", O/C

Morning at Burnhams, 8″ x 10″, O/C

Roger Salisbury, Fogged In, 16" x 20", P

Fogged In, 16″ x 20″, P

Roger Salisbury, Sailor Beware, 16" x 20", P

Sailor Beware, 16″ x 20″, P

Roger Salisbury – State of the Art Gallery

For most medical school students, their studies are more than enough to occupy every waking minute. Roger Salisbury, since childhood, was driven to draw and paint. As a student at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, he also took classes at the Art Students League in New York City.

“Art was very important to me. It was a passion. It was never a hobby,” he said. “I had this naive concept when I was a child to think I have good hands as an artist and I wanted to put them to good use as a plastic surgeon.

Born in Philadelphia, the 75-year-old Salisbury said his parents were supportive of his early penchant for art and enrolled him at the age of 4 at weekend classes at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As a teenager, his interests wavered a bit, but neither a pastel nor paintbrush was ever far from his grasp.

He did not plan to become a burn specialist, but during the Vietnam War the draft pulled in every available young doctor. Salisbury completed his residency in general surgery at the U.S. Army’s burn center in San Antonio, Texas, in 1971.

He also lectured and taught. From 1981 to 2008, he was a professor of surgery and chief of plastic surgery at New York Medical College, where he is professor emeritus. He is president of the American Burn Consultants and past president of the American Burn Association.

As an artist, he took on the challenge of seeking membership into artist honor societies, and met with success, having earned membership into the Pastel Society of America, Master Status, and the American Society of Marine Artists. He also earned membership into the North Shore Arts and the Rockport Art associations.

He first came to Cape Ann in 1983 where he immersed himself in the community and continued to study with noted local artists, including John Terelak, and took countless workshops. (Gail McCarthy Gloucester Daily Times)

Art Education: Philadelphia Museum Art School, Arts Student League

Private Instruction:     John Terelak, Oils, Kevin Macpherson, Oils, Matt Smith, Oils, Herman Marguelies, Pastels, Frank Federico, Pastels, Leslie B. DeMille, Pastel Portraits

Awards: The Connecticut Pastel Society, the Salmagundi Club, Pastel Society of America, Allied Artists of America, Rockport Art Association

Honor Societies: Pastel Society of America, Master, Rockport Art Association, American Society of Marine Artists, American Artists Professional League, the Salmagundi Club, North Shore Arts Association, Rocky Neck Art Colony, Southern Vermont Art Association, the Connecticut Pastel Society, Inc.