Thomas G. Williams Sunset Over Hog Island

Sunset Over Hog Island 30″ x 40″ O/L 

Thomas G. Williams
b. 1955
Painter Thomas G. Williams focuses on marine art, landscapes, the sea and the shore. Mr. Williams’s paintings capture the atmosphere of the sea in all of its moods from the subtle rhythmic movements of the calm sea, to the dynamic battle of the storm driven waves crashing against the rocky shore. His work emphasize the interplay of lights and shadow created by precise times of the day. His paintings embody the colors and composition of dramatic sunrises and sunsets and shimmering nocturnal vistas.
Thomas Williams was educated at Miami Dade University; Montserrat College of Art; and the Gloucester Academy of Fine Art. His work has been influenced by John C. Terelak, Ted Georsner, Salvatore Grasso, Al Cerepak, Roger Martin and Oliver Balf. He is a member of the North Shore Arts Association.